We are always open for submissions.




For general inquiries send email to katie@downdirtyword.com.


The Rules:


E-mail all submissions in a format such as .dox, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf to submit@downdirtyword.com with the word 'submission,' your name, and genre in the subject line. [ex: Submission, Your Name, Fiction]


Use a boring, readable font. Use only one font. Use only one color. Use black.


We do consider previously published material, but please notify us of the previous publication when you send your work. Unpublished work is our preference.


Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.


Please include a cover letter with third person bio. Why? Because it's friendly. Hello friend, nice to read you today.


Every editorial eye sees things a bit differently. With that in mind, our staff has some tips for you. Please keep these preferences in mind when you make your submissions.


A word from the Chick in Charge, Katie Moore:


When you think about your characters and get goosebumps, send that story to The Legendary. When the poetry comes like a flood and leaves you  exhausted in your sweat, send those poems to The Legendary. When your CNF still makes you laugh or cry, that is the CNF you should send to The Legendary.  If you love something enough to tell the whole internet about it, and you think we'll love it too, why not send us your review.


A word from our CNF Editor, Jessie Bacho:


The ideal Creative Nonfiction submission explores a universal truth and engages the reader. I’m open to reading about any topic as long as it’s compelling and true. I want to laugh/cry/cheery/scream/rage when I read your writing. Go beyond the I in your essay, and consider the larger message or implication. Be brave. Be truthful.


A word from our Interviews/Reviews Editor, John Hancock:


We have interest in a variety of subjects. Music reviews, lit reviews, interviews with serial killers, these are the things that would rise up to the top. That being said, if you write a riveting review of an adult toy you picked up at a thrift store give us a try. We do have a soft spot for strange perspective and subversives.

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